What’s the Deal with the New Beck Album?

How would you feel if, with all the trailers and anticipatory hype, you showed up for a midnight showing of your favorite film’s long-awaited sequel, sat down in the theater, and nothing happened?  After asking around you realize that nobody else knows what’s going on either, but the blockbuster you’ve been looking forward to has been pushed back indefinitely.  Beck’s newest release is that blockbuster, and it has left his audience impatiently waiting for what they thought was right in front of them.

Local Performer Adam Web’s Inspired Sound and Optimistic Outlook

Between the writing and recording of several different projects and fathering two children with his wife, Amanda, the acoustic pop-folk artist, Adam Web, stays about as busy as they come, but for this unwavering optimist, the real satisfaction comes from the journey of his life’s path, as well as his ability to connect with his family, friends, and fans, not only with his music, but with his philosophies on life, love and inspiration.

The Girl on the Train Takes Passengers on a Riveting Ride

Built around a particularly frightening example of emotional abuse, The Girl on the Train weaves an intimate web of deceitful drama and unthinkable tragedy, creating the ideal whodunit scenario before unravelling its mystery detail by detail, its characters, and viewers alike, rethinking everything they thought they knew about the crime in question.

Album Review: How Green Day Got Back on Track

That’s right, in 2016’s Radio Revolution, the legendary pop punkers seem to have gotten at least most of the pretentiousness of the last decade out of their system by scaling back the theatrics and emphasizing the fast-paced excitement that stems from simplicity in an effort to get in touch with their underground radio roots, which revived a genre and defined a generation.