By: Nick Chidiac / October 18th, 2016

Between the writing and recording of several different projects and fathering two children with his wife, Amanda, the acoustic pop-folk artist, Adam Web, stays about as busy as they come, but for this unwavering optimist, the real satisfaction comes from the journey of his life’s path, as well as his ability to connect with his family, friends, and fans, not only with his music, but with his philosophies on life, love and inspiration.


You may recognize Web from his numerous Musikfest performances.  In fact, his thoughtful lyrics and playful presence adorned the Hotel Bethlehem stage twice this past year, drawing festers into his friendliness and good vibes.  He has also produced two full-length records in 2009’s Once We Were Stars and 2012’s Pendulum.  Although the daunting schedule of a musician and full-time father is constant, Web was able to find the time to meet me for a cup of coffee, where we discussed everything from the highlights of his musical career to the loves of his life in an effort to get to the core of the singer-songwriter’s contagious passion.

Web attributes his positive outlook to a lifelong trust in his experiences to guide him toward true happiness, and his story is one that seems to support this faith.  As a child in the Lehigh Valley, a growing interest in music became evident from an early age.

“I always loved to sing so that was inherent.  I did choir in sixth grade and in seventh or eighth [grade] I got an electric guitar.  I wanted to play Green Day songs and grunge,” says Web.  But that motivation was short lived, as Web’s main focus at the time was basketball.  It would not, however, be the last time he picked up a guitar.

“I started playing again when I was a freshman in college and fell in love with it very quickly.  Guster and O.A.R. were the big college bands and I wanted to play their songs,” says the Philadelphia University graduate, whose graphic design degree grants him the ability to create his own album artwork.  “After I learned a few of their chords I was like ‘hey I can do this, let’s see what I can come up with’,” Web continues.

However, it wasn’t until he was offered a once in a lifetime opportunity that Web’s talent really started to come into fruition.

“I was fortunate enough to study abroad in Australia for four or five months,” explains Web, “Because the workload was so much less, I had all this free time on the other side of the world, and it was beautiful, and I was just so inspired.  I’d walk around to the local parks and just sit down and write.  I must’ve written like 40 songs before I knew it.”

It wasn’t long until Web’s abilities were impressing more than just his college sweetheart, about whom most of his first lyrics were written.  In 2009, he released Once We Were Stars, which he recorded in the home studio he built in his basement.  Then, three years later, Web released Pendulum.  Both can be described as mellow folk with the thoughtful and explorative writing style of someone like Jack Johnson, a little bit of a funk flavoring in the light of a Jason Mraz, and the soul of an eternal optimist.  What Web really takes pride in, however, are his live performances.

“I just feel like whatever you want to do is what you should go do, no matter what that takes or who you have to talk to.  I’ve been lucky enough to visit a lot of cool places and meet a lot of amazing people so far.  It makes me so happy that I followed the things in my life that led me to where I am,” says Web with an immense appreciation that stretches an unintentional smile across his face.

Although things can get pretty busy for the 33-year-old Web, he’s certainly not neglecting his work.  The driven recording artist is currently in the middle of three separate projects, including a collection of lullabies that he and his wife have co-authored, a series of inspirational songs for a nondenominational church, and a collaboration with fellow Freedom High School graduate and explosively talented violinist/producer, Nyke Van Wyk.  All three have behind them the clear joy and motivation that Web gets from the creation of his music, and, for that reason, I can say with confidence that all three will be worth a listen.  You can hear the aforementioned music on iTunes, Apple Music, and YouTube, and you can connect with the up and coming musician to learn more about future performances and releases by visiting his website,, as well as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.