The Girl on the Train Takes Passengers on a Riveting Ride

By: Nick Chidiac / October 14th, 2016


Built around a particularly frightening example of emotional abuse, The Girl on the Train weaves an intimate web of deceitful drama and unthinkable tragedy, creating the ideal whodunit scenario before unravelling its mystery detail by detail, its characters, and viewers alike, rethinking everything they thought they knew about the crime in question.

Emily Blunt plays Rachel Watson who, while commuting daily to and from Manhattan for work, becomes obsessed with what she sees from her seat on the train as the perfect relationship, one that just so happens to take place a few houses down from where she used to live with her ex-husband, Tom, played by Justin Theroux…..



Looks Good:        


Doctor Strange is the next addition to the Marvel family of super hero thrillers.  It stars Benedict Cumberbatch as the comic book legend who, after an unfortunate car accident in which his hands are forsaken, sets out to reestablish his career as a neurosurgeon.  However, he instead becomes enamored with a mystic and interdimensional world of sorcery, and is forced to be a metaphysical intermediary between the Marvel Cinematic Universe and what lies beyond.



After the immense success of The DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons, Tom Hanks returns in Inferno as Robert Langdon who, after waking up in the hospital, must once again race against the clock to stop a global threat involving the great Dante himself.  Academy Award winner Ron Howard directs this cinematic adaption Dan Brown’s latest bestseller.  If history is any implication, this film will prove to be as dynamic and well-done of a money maker as its predecessors.




At this point there have been enough movies about the appearance of intelligent life forms from extraterrestrial unknowns that film makers have started to experiment with storylines enough to expand the typical alien flick.  In this vein is Arrival, an awe-inspiring blockbuster starring DC Universe’s Lois Lane, Amy Adams, and Marvel Universe’s Hawkeye, Jeremy Renner, who team up in an effort to communicate with Earth’s invaders and stop the chaos that their presence inspires.